Chao Gejin

Chao Gejin (Chogjin) is Senior Researcher and Director of the Institute of Ethnic Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. His research interests cover folkloristics, oral tradition, intangible cultural heritage, and Chinese ethnic minorities’ literatures, especially oral epics. His publications include The Heroic Songs of the Past: Fieldnotes on the Oirat Mongolian Epic Tradition (2004) and Oral Poetics: Formulaic Diction of Arimpi’s Jangar Singing (2000), as well as numerous papers.

Articles by Chao Gejin

Mongolian Oral Epic Poetry: An Overview

Volume 12, Issue 2 (October, 1997)

The Oirat Epic Cycle Jangar

Volume 16, Issue 2 (October, 2001)

Challenges in Comparative Oral Epic

Volume 27, Issue 2 (October, 2012)
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