John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

Oral Tradition Volume 10, Number 2October 1995

Table of Contents

Word, Breath, and Vomit: Oral Competition in Old English and Old Norse Literature
by Robin Waugh
Generic and Racial Appropriation in Victoria Howard’s “The Honorable Milt”
by Jarold Ramsey
Oral Register in the Biblical Libretto: Towards a Biblical Poetic
by Susan Niditch
Immanence and Immanent Truth
by John H. McDowell
Narrative Tradition in Early Greek Oral Poetry and Vase Painting
by E.A. Mackay
Chaucer New Painted (1623):
Three Hundred Proverbs in Performance Context

by Betsy Bowden
Language, Memory, and Sense Perception in the Religious and Technological Culture of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
by Werner H. Kelber
Review Essay
The Fornaldarsögur: Stephen Mitchell’s Contribution

by Jesse Byock

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