John Miles Foley, Founding Editor
Epics Along the Silk Roads

Oral Tradition Volume 11, Number 1March 1996

Table of Contents

Transformations of Epic Time and Space: Creating the World’s Creation in Kalevala-metric Poetry
by Lotte Tarkka
Kudaman: An Oral Epic in the Palawan Highlands
by Nicole Revel
Epics in the Oral Genre System of Tulunadu
by B.A. Viveka Rai
The Mechanisms of Epic Plot and the Mongolian Geseriad
by S. Ju. Nekljudov
From Classical to Postclassical: Changing Ideologies and Changing Epics in India
by Petteri Koskikallio
Epics along the Silk Roads: Mental Texts, Performance, and Written Codification

by Lauri Honko
Epic and Identity: National, Regional, Communal, Individual
by Lauri Honko
The Present State of the Mongolian Epic and Some Topics for Future Research
by Walter Heissig
Epos and National Identity: Transformations and Incarnations
by Lauri Harvilahti
G.J. Ramstedt as a Recorder of Khalkha Epics
by Harry Halén
Caucasian Epics: Textualist Principles in Publishing
by Alla Alieva

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