Native American Oral Traditions: Collaboration and Interpretation

Oral Tradition Volume 13, Number 1March 1998

Table of Contents

“There Are No More Words to the Story”
by Elsie P. Mather, Phyllis Morrow
Coyote and the Strawberries: Cultural Drama and Intercultural Collaboration
by George B. Wasson, Barre Toelken
Collaborative Sociolinguistic Research among the Tohono O’odham
by Ofelia Zepeda, Jane Hill
“Wu-ches-erik (Loon Woman) and Ori-aswe (Wildcat)”
by Darryl Babe Wilson, Susan Brandenstein Park
Reading Martha Lamont’s Crow Story Today
by Marya Moses, Toby C. S. Langen
Tracking “Yuwaan Gagéets”: A Russian Fairy Tale in Tlingit Oral Tradition
by Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Richard L. Dauenhauer
“Like this it stays in your hands”: Collaboration and Ethnopoetics
by Felipe S. Molina, Larry Evers
Introduction: Collaboration in the translation and Interpretation of Native American Oral Traditions
by Barre Toelken, Larry Evers

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