Oral Tradition Volume 1, Number 3December 1986

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Editor's Column
The Message of the American Folk Sermon
by Bruce A. Rosenberg
The Oral-Formulaic Theory in Middle English Studies
by Ward Parks
Oral-Formulaic Research in Old English Studies: I
by Alexandra Hennessey Olsen
Perspectives on Recent Work on the Oral Traditional Formula
by Albert B. Lord
The Oral Background of Byzantine Popular Poetry
by Elizabeth and Michael Jeffreys
A Romanian Singer of Tales: Vasile Tetin
by Eliza Miruna Ghil
Social Functions of the Medieval Epic in the Romance Literatures
by Joseph J. Duggan
Annotated Bibliography
by John Miles Foley, Lee Edgar Tyler, Juris Dilevko, Patrick Gonder
About the Authors

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