Basque Special Issue

Oral Tradition Volume 22, Number 2October 2007

About the Authors

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Ainhoa Agirreazaldegi

Ainhoa Agirreazaldegi’s biography is not available.

Xabier Aierdi

Xabier Aierdi’s biography is not available.

Laxaro Azkune

Laxaro Azkune’s biography is not available.

Andoni Egaña

Andoni Egaña’s biography is not available.

Estitxu Eizagirre

Estitxu Eizagirre’s biography is not available.

John Miles Foley

The late John Miles Foley was a specialist in the study of the world’s oral traditions. He wrote with particular emphasis on ancient Greek, medieval English, and South Slavic. In 1986 he founded the journal Oral Tradition, and as architect-navigator of the Pathways Project, his last book Oral Tradition and the Internet: Pathways of the Mind was published in 2012 (University of Illinois Press). The body of his work is widely recognized as one of the most influential contributions to the study of the world’s oral traditions. Further information is available at his portal (

Joxerra Garzia

Joxerra Barzia’s biography is not available.

Arkaitz Goikoetxea

Arkaitz Goikoetxea’s biography is not available.

Josu Goikoetxea

Josu Goikoetxea’s biography is not available.

Mark Jarvis

Mark Jarvis, IT Manager for the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition and the Center for eResearch, is responsible for coordinating the two centers' various technical projects, both Web-based and otherwise. His interests include user interface design, digital video production, 3D graphics and animation, and non-linear storytelling.

Alfredo Retortillo

Alfredo Retortillo’s biography is not available.

Jon Sarasua

Jon Sarasua’s biography is not available.

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