John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

Oral Tradition Volume 24, Number 1March 2009

Table of Contents

Ecompanion_small The Southern Sardinian Tradition of the Mutetu Longu: A Functional Analysis
by Paulu Zedda
Ecompanion_small Presentation Formulas in South Slavic Epic Song
by David F. Elmer
The Art of Dueling with Words: Toward a New Understanding of Verbal Duels across the World
by Valentina Pagliai
Ecompanion_small Dialogues in Rhyme: The Performative Contexts of Cretan Mantinádes
by Venla Sykäri
Orality and Agency: Reading an Irish Autobiography from the Great Blasket Island
by John Eastlake
Paradigms of Social Aesthetics in Themne Oral Performance
by Amadu Wurie Khan
Ecompanion_small The Creation of Basque Oral Poetry by Four American Bertsolaris
by Asier Barandiaran
Are We “Misreading” Paul? Oral Phenomena and their Implication for the Exegesis of Paul’s Letters
by Sam Tsang
Storytellers of Children’s Literature and their Ideological Construction of the Audience
by Bruno Alonso, Marta Morgade, David Poveda
Performative Loci of the Imperial Edicts in Nara Japan, 749-70
by Ross Bender

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