The Beast Had to Marry Balinda: Using Story Examples to Explore Socializing Concepts in Ugandan Caregivers’ Oral Stories


Within the context of storytelling as oral tradition, this essay uses a grounded theory approach to explore a single research question about the socializing concepts found in examples of stories told to young children by their mothers and grandmothers in a rural Ugandan village. These story examples were gathered during the implementation of a socio-educational intervention project. This essay provides a descriptive analysis of the emergent themes and constructs in these story examples against the backdrop of a relevant theoretical framework and life in this rural Ugandan village.



The original Kitengesa Community Library, built in 2002.

Photo by Valeda Dent Goodman.

The new Kitengesa Community Library, built in 2009.

Photo by Valeda Dent Goodman.

A woman taking her cattle to pasture.

Photo by Valeda Dent Goodman.

Children carrying kindling for their households.

Photo by Karen Gubert.

Children carrying a chicken home.

Photo by Valeda Dent Goodman.

A few of the participants wait in the Library for the interviews to begin.

Photo by Karen Gubert.

The research team: Julius Ssentume, Geoff Goodman, Valeda Dent, Ssewa Baker, and Karen Gubert.

Photo by Kate Parry.

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