John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

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In Memoriam
John Miles Foley
January 22, 1947—May 3, 2012

  • Oral Tradition Journal: Festschrift for John Miles Foley Festschrift for John Miles Foley
    This special issue of Oral Tradition is published in honor of John Miles Foley’s 65th birthday and 2011 retirement. The surprise Festschrift, guest-edited by Lori and Scott Garner entirely without his knowledge, celebrates John’s tremendous impact on studies in oral tradition through a series of essays contributed by his students from the University of Missouri-Columbia (1979-present) and from NEH Summer Seminars that he has directed (1987-1996).

  • Oral Tradition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Basque Special Issue
  • Bob Dylan’s Performance Artistry
  • Performance Literature (2)
  • Performance Literature (1)
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  • Synopses of Oral Traditions (1)
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  • Native American Oral Traditions: Collaboration and Interpretation
No_ecompanion “There Are No More Words to the Story”
by Elsie P. Mather, Phyllis Morrow
No_ecompanion Coyote and the Strawberries: Cultural Drama and Intercultural Collaboration
by George B. Wasson, Barre Toelken
No_ecompanion Collaborative Sociolinguistic Research among the Tohono O’odham
by Ofelia Zepeda, Jane Hill
No_ecompanion “Wu-ches-erik (Loon Woman) and Ori-aswe (Wildcat)”
by Darryl Babe Wilson, Susan Brandenstein Park
No_ecompanion Reading Martha Lamont’s Crow Story Today
by Marya Moses, Toby C. S. Langen
No_ecompanion Tracking “Yuwaan Gagéets”: A Russian Fairy Tale in Tlingit Oral Tradition
by Nora Marks Dauenhauer, Richard L. Dauenhauer
No_ecompanion “Like this it stays in your hands”: Collaboration and Ethnopoetics
by Felipe S. Molina, Larry Evers
No_ecompanion Introduction: Collaboration in the translation and Interpretation of Native American Oral Traditions
by Barre Toelken, Larry Evers
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  • Epics Along the Silk Roads
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  • Serbo-Croatian Oral Tradition
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  • Festschrift for Walter J. Ong

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