John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

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In Memoriam
John Miles Foley
January 22, 1947—May 3, 2012

  • Oral Tradition Journal: Festschrift for John Miles Foley Festschrift for John Miles Foley
    This special issue of Oral Tradition is published in honor of John Miles Foley’s 65th birthday and 2011 retirement. The surprise Festschrift, guest-edited by Lori and Scott Garner entirely without his knowledge, celebrates John’s tremendous impact on studies in oral tradition through a series of essays contributed by his students from the University of Missouri-Columbia (1979-present) and from NEH Summer Seminars that he has directed (1987-1996).

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No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe People’s Poetry
by Steve Zeitlin
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Poem Performed
by Felice Belle
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Heike in Japan
by Elizabeth Oyler
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionJapanese Noh and Heike katari
by Shelley Fenno Quinn
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionJapanese Oral Tradition
by Sybil Thornton
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionPerformed Narratives and Music in Japan
by Alison Tokita
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Japanese Tale of the Heike
by Yamashita Hiroaki
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition in New Testament Studies
by Richard A. Horsley
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition and Rabbinic Studies
by Martin S. Jaffee
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition in Bible and New Testament Studies
by Werner H. Kelber
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition and Biblical Scholarship
by Susan Niditch
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionPerformance Praxis and Oral Tradition
by Elizabeth C. Fine
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionTradition as Communication
by Thomas A. McKean
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionHomer as Oral Tradition
by Egbert J. Bakker
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition and Hellenistic Epic: New Directions in Apollonius of Rhodes
by Michael Barnes
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Homeric Question: An Issue for the Ancients?
by David Bouvier
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionAncient Greek Oral Genres
by Casey Dué
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionHomer and the Oral Tradition
by Mark W. Edwards
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionNeoanalysis and Oral Tradition in Homeric Studies
by Margalit Finkelberg
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Grain of Greek Voices
by Richard Martin
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Poetics and Homeric Poetry
by Gregory Nagy
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionHomeric Studies
by Steve Reece
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Reception of Homer as Oral Poetry
by M. D. Usher
No_ecompanion Chinese_version“Oral Tradition”: Weasel Words or Transdisciplinary Door to Multiplexity?
by Ruth Finnegan
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionZulu Oral Art
by H.C. Groenewald
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition in the Context of Verbal Art
by Thomas A. Hale
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Global and the Local with a Focus on Africa
by Beverly Stoeltje
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOrality in Tibet
by Anne Klein
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Metamorphosing Field of Chaoxianzu Oral Literature
by Peace B. Lee
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionTibetan Oral Epic
by Yang Enhong
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition in Lithuania
by Lina Bugiene
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionTranslating Lithuanian Poetry
by Jonas Zdanys
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Perspective from Folklore Studies
by Pertti Anttonen
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionStumbling with/over Scripts: Vignettes
by Daniel Avorgbedor
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionSome Reflections on the “People’s Slam of Radivoje Ilić”: Thoughts on the Interplay of the Oral and Visual
by Joel M. Halpern
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionContinual Morphing
by Lee Haring
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionFrame Tales and Oral Tradition
by Bonnie D. Irwin
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Poetry in the Foreign Language Classroom
by Catharine Mason
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral History
by Amy Shuman
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionA Plea for an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Arab Oral Tradition
by Saad A. Sowayan
No_ecompanion Chinese_version“Oral Tradition” in a Technologically Advanced World
by Timothy R. Tangherlini
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition and Folkloristics
by Ülo Valk
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionBasque Bertsolaritza
by Linda White
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  • Festschrift for Walter J. Ong

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