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In Memoriam
John Miles Foley
January 22, 1947—May 3, 2012

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  • Festschrift for Walter J. Ong
Table of Contents
No_ecompanion The Cosmic Myths of Homer and Hesiod
by Eric A. Havelock
No_ecompanion Characteristics of Orality
by Albert B. Lord
No_ecompanion The Complexity of Oral Tradition
by Bruce A. Rosenberg
No_ecompanion Man, Muse, and Story: Psychohistorical Patterns in Oral Epic Poetry
by John Miles Foley
No_ecompanion The Authority of the Word in St. John’s Gospel: Charismatic Speech, Narrative Text, Logocentric Metaphysics
by Werner H. Kelber
No_ecompanion Early Christian Creeds and Controversies in the Light of the Orality-Literacy Hypothesis
by Thomas J. Farrell
No_ecompanion Orality and Textuality in Medieval Castilian Prose
by Dennis P. Seniff
No_ecompanion Peter Ramus, Walter Ong, and the Tradition of Humanistic Learning
by Peter Sharratt
No_ecompanion The Ramist Style of John Udall: Audience and Pictorial Logic in Puritan Sermon and Controversy
by John G. Rechtien
No_ecompanion “Voice” and “Address” in Literary Theory
by William J. Kennedy
No_ecompanion The Making of the Novel and the Evolution of Consciousness
by Ruth El Saffar
No_ecompanion Two Functions of Social Discourse: From Lope de Vega to Miguel de Cervantes
by Elias L. Rivers
No_ecompanion The Harmony of Time in Paradise Lost
by Robert Kellogg
No_ecompanion Orality and Literacy in Matter and Form: Ben Franklin’s Way to Wealth
by Thomas J. Steele
No_ecompanion A Remark on Silence and Listening
by Paolo Valesio
No_ecompanion Speech Is the Body of the Spirit: The Oral Hermeneutic in the Writings of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy
by Harold M. Stahmer
No_ecompanion Rahner on Sprachregelung: Regulation of Language? Of Speech?
by Frans Jozef van Beeck
No_ecompanion Literacy, Commerce, and Catholicity: Two Contexts of Change and Invention
by Randolph F. Lumpp
No_ecompanion Coming of Age in the Global Village
by James M. Curtis
No_ecompanion Orality-Literacy Studies and the Unity of the Human Race
by Walter J. Ong
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