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John Miles Foley
January 22, 1947—May 3, 2012

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Table of Contents
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionPan-Hispanic Oral Tradition
by Samuel G. Armistead
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionFolktales
by Isabel Cardigos
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Traditions in Greater Mexico
by Marcia Farr
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionPortuguese Narrative Poetry
by J. J. Dias Marques
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition: A Definition
by Carlos Nogueira
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition as a Worldwide Phenomenon
by J. M. Pedrosa
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionTowards Greater Collaboration in Oral Tradition Studies
by Suzanne H. Petersen
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionMedieval Spanish and Judeo-Spanish
by John Zemke
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Popular Ballad and Oral Tradition
by Mary Ellen Brown
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Implicated Ballad
by William Bernard McCarthy
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionBallads and Bad Quartos: Oral Tradition and the English Literary Historian
by Tom Pettitt
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThoughts on Oral Tradition
by Mary-Ann Constantine
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionFrom Storytelling to Sermons: The Oral Narrative Tradition of Wales
by Sioned Davies
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition in Medieval Welsh Poetry: 1100-1600
by Dafydd Johnston
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionFighting Words
by Joseph Falaky Nagy
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOrality in a Norse-Icelandic Perspective
by Michael Chesnutt
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionFolklore and Oral Tradition
by Lauri Harvilahti
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionReconstructing Old Norse Tradition
by Stephen Mitchell
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionMedieval Icelandic Studies
by Gísli Sigurðsson
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionMedieval English Oral Tradition
by Mark C. Amodio
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionHow the Beowulf Poet Composed His Poem
by Robert Payson Creed
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionMedieval Voices
by Lori Ann Garner
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Traditional Approaches to Old English Verse
by Heather Maring
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionPrizes From the Borderlands
by John D. Niles
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionLooking for an Echo: The Oral Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Literature
by Andy Orchard
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionBalochi Oral Tradition
by Sabir Badalkhan
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Narrative Studies in China
by Mark Bender
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionMinority Oral Tradition in China
by Naran Bilik
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionKorean p’ansori Narrative
by Chan Park
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionClassical Persian
by Olga Merck Davidson
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionTurkic Oral Epic
by Karl Reichl
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionA Living Shamanistic Oral Tradition: Ifugao hudhud, the Philippines
by Maria V. Stanyukovich
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionPerforming Off Stage: Oral Tradition Under the Radar
by Robert Cochran
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition
by Thomas A. DuBois
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Theory and Medieval German Poetry
by Edward R. Haymes
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Tradition in Linguistics
by Joshua T. Katz
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionOral Traditions in Performance
by Della Pollock
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionPoetics and Translation Studies
by Burton Raffel
No_ecompanion Chinese_versionThe Search for Wisdom in Native American Narratives and Classical Scholarship
by William Schneider
  • Synopses of Oral Traditions (1)
  • Chinese Oral Traditions
  • Hebrew Oral Traditions
  • Native American Oral Traditions: Collaboration and Interpretation
  • South Asian Oral Traditions
  • Epics Along the Silk Roads
  • African Oral Tradition
  • Serbo-Croatian Oral Tradition
  • South Pacific Oral Traditions
  • Arabic Oral Traditions
  • Hispanic Balladry
  • Festschrift for Walter J. Ong
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