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  • Parallelism in Verbal Art and Performance
  • Authoritative Speech in the Himalayas
  • Transmissions and Transitions in Indian Oral Traditions
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In Memoriam
John Miles Foley
January 22, 1947—May 3, 2012

  • Festschrift for John Miles Foley
  • Oral Tradition in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Sound Effects
  • Basque Special Issue
Table of Contents
No_ecompanion eCompanions
by John Miles Foley, Mark Jarvis
Ecompanion_small Basque Oral Poetry Championship
by John Miles Foley
No_ecompanion A Sociological Study of Sung, Extempore Verse-Making
by Alfredo Retortillo, Xabier Aierdi
Ecompanion_small Social Features Of Bertsolaritza
by Jon Sarasua
Ecompanion_small Basque Oral Ecology
by Joxerra Garzia
Ecompanion_small Verse Schools
by Ainhoa Agirreazaldegi, Arkaitz Goikoetxea
Ecompanion_small In the School Curriculum
by Joxerra Garzia
Ecompanion_small History of Improvised Bertsolaritza: A Proposal
by Joxerra Garzia
Ecompanion_small The Process of Creating Improvised Bertsos
by Andoni Egaña
No_ecompanion Toward True Diversity in Frame of Reference
by Joxerra Garzia
No_ecompanion Interview with Joxe Agirre Esnal
by Laxaro Azkune
No_ecompanion Interview with Andoni Egaña Makazaga
by Josu Goikoetxea
No_ecompanion Interview with Maialen Lujanbio
by Estitxu Eizagirre
  • Bob Dylan’s Performance Artistry
  • Performance Literature (2)
  • Performance Literature (1)
  • Synopses of Oral Traditions (2)
  • Synopses of Oral Traditions (1)
  • Chinese Oral Traditions
  • Hebrew Oral Traditions
  • Native American Oral Traditions: Collaboration and Interpretation
  • South Asian Oral Traditions
  • Epics Along the Silk Roads
  • African Oral Tradition
  • Serbo-Croatian Oral Tradition
  • South Pacific Oral Traditions
  • Arabic Oral Traditions
  • Hispanic Balladry
  • Festschrift for Walter J. Ong
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