John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

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In Memoriam
John Miles Foley
January 22, 1947—May 3, 2012

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No_ecompanion The Message of the American Folk Sermon
by Bruce A. Rosenberg
No_ecompanion The Oral-Formulaic Theory in Middle English Studies
by Ward Parks
No_ecompanion Oral-Formulaic Research in Old English Studies: I
by Alexandra Hennessey Olsen
No_ecompanion Perspectives on Recent Work on the Oral Traditional Formula
by Albert B. Lord
No_ecompanion The Oral Background of Byzantine Popular Poetry
by Elizabeth and Michael Jeffreys
No_ecompanion A Romanian Singer of Tales: Vasile Tetin
by Eliza Miruna Ghil
No_ecompanion Social Functions of the Medieval Epic in the Romance Literatures
by Joseph J. Duggan
No_ecompanion Annotated Bibliography
by John Miles Foley, Lee Edgar Tyler, Juris Dilevko, Patrick Gonder

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