John Miles Foley, Founding Editor
South Asian Oral Traditions

Oral Tradition Volume 12, Number 1March 1997

Table of Contents

“A Flowering Tree”: A Woman’s Tale
by A. K. Ramanujan
Negotiated Solidarities: Gendered Representations of Disruption and Desire in North Indian Oral Traditions and Popular Culture
by Gloria Goodwin Raheja
Two Houses and the Pain of Separation in Tamang Narratives from Highland Nepal
by Kathryn S. March
Outspoken Women: Representations of Female Voices in a Rajasthani Folklore Community
by Ann Grodzins Gold
“There are Only Two Castes: Men and Women”: Negotiating Gender as a Female Healer in South Asian Islam
by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
Singing From Separation: Women’s Voices in and about Kangra Folksongs
by Kirin Narayan
The Beggared Mother: Older Women’s Narratives in West Bengal
by Sarah Lamb
The Paradoxes of Power and Community: Women’s Oral Traditions and the Uses of Ethnography
by Gloria Goodwin Raheja

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