John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

Oral Tradition Volume 17, Number 2October 2002

Table of Contents

No One Tells You This: Secondary Orality and Hypertextuality
by Michael Joyce
The Social and Dramatic Functions of Oral Recitation and Composition in Beowulf
by John M. Hill
Rites of Passage and Oral Storytelling in Romanian Epic and the New Testament
by Margaret Hiebert Beissinger
The Minim-istic Imagination: Scribal Invention and the Word in the Early English Alliterative Tradition
by Johnathan Watson
Transforming Experience into Tradition: Two Theories of Proverb Use and Chaucer’s Practice
by Nancy Mason Bradbury
Cynewulf at the Interface of Literacy and Orality: The Evidence of the Puns in Beowulf
by Samantha Zacher
Ubiquitous Format? What Ubiquitous Format? Chaucer’s Tale of Melibee as a Proverb Collection
by Betsy Bowden
Written on the Wind: An Introduction to Auralture
by Vladimir Guerrero

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