John Miles Foley, Founding Editor
Performance Literature (1)

Oral Tradition Volume 20, Number 1March 2005

Table of Contents

Ecompanion_small “Fellow Townsmen and My Noble Constituents!”: Representations of Oratory on Early Commercial Recordings
by Richard Bauman, Patrick Feaster
Ecompanion_small Shellac, Bakelite, Vinyl, and Paper: Artifacts and Representations of North Indian Art Music
by Lalita du Perron, Nicolas Magriel
Ecompanion_small Visual Takes on Dance in Java
by Felicia Hughes-Freeland
How to Read a Reading of a Written Poem
by Peter Middleton
Moving Performance to Text: Can Performance be Transcribed?
by Edward Schieffelin
Mediators of Modernity: “Photo-interpreters” in Japanese Silent Cinema
by Isolde Standish
Plato, Memory, and Performance
by Naoko Yamagata

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