Visual Takes on Dance in Java



A Bedhaya practice with musicians and singers.


Website: Performance in Indonesia: Traditions of Court and Country. (right-click or control-click for navigation such as “back”). (opens in a new window).

B.R.M Yudanegara, choreographer and dance teacher, with the filmmaker at the sultan’s palace.

Filming the tayuban again in 1999.

Formal dance teachers and filmmaker at the palace: Bu Yudhanegara and Felicia Hughes-Freeland are to the right hand side.

Joking dance teachers and filmmaker at the palace.

Ledheks and the medium at the tayuban.

Ledheks sing at a tayuban.

Make up for wedding dance.

Man has a dance turn at the tayuban.

Pak Seno at home.

Susindahati and Mas Pongti perform the love dance.

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