John Miles Foley, Founding Editor
Bob Dylan’s Performance Artistry

Oral Tradition Volume 22, Number 1March 2007

Table of Contents

by Catharine Mason, Richard Thomas
Dylan and the Nobel
by Gordon Ball
The Streets of Rome: The Classical Dylan
by Richard Thomas
A Face like a Mask and a Voice that Croaks: An Integrated Poetics of Bob Dylan’s Voice, Personae, and Lyrics
by Christophe Lebold
Living, Breathing Songs: Singing Along with Bob Dylan
by Keith Negus
Vocal Performance and Speech Intonation: Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”
by Michael Daley
Never Quite Sung in this Fashion Before: Bob Dylan’s “Man of Constant Sorrow”
by Todd Harvey
“‘Sólo Soy Un Guitarrista’: Bob Dylan in the Spanish-Speaking World—Influences, Parallels, Reception, and Translation”
by Christopher Rollason
Amerindian Roots of Bob Dylan’s Poetry
by Emmanuel Désveaux
Bob Dylan, the Ordinary Star
by Laure Bouquerel
A Semantic and Syntactic Journey Through the Dylan Corpus
by Jean-Charles Khalifa
Nothing’s Been Changed, Except the Words: Some Faithful Attempts at Covering Bob Dylan Songs in French
by Nicolas Froeliger
“The Low Hum in Syllables and Meters”: Blues Poetics in Bob Dylan’s Verbal Art
by Catharine Mason

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