Festschrift for John Miles Foley
  • Oral Tradition Journal: Festschrift for John Miles Foley This special issue of Oral Tradition is published in honor of John Miles Foley’s 65th birthday and 2011 retirement. The surprise Festschrift, guest-edited by Lori and Scott Garner entirely without his knowledge, celebrates John’s tremendous impact on studies in oral tradition through a series of essays contributed by his students from the University of Missouri-Columbia (1979-present) and from NEH Summer Seminars that he has directed (1987-1996).

Oral Tradition Volume 26, Number 2October 2011


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Oral Tradition Volume 26, Number 2 Articles

by Joseph Falaky Nagy
Pdf_iconIntroduction and Tabula Gratulatoria
by Lori Ann Garner, R. Scott Garner
Pdf_iconJuxtaposing Cogadh Gáedel re Gallaib with Orkneyinga saga
by Thomas A. DuBois
Pdf_iconToward an Ethnopoetically Grounded Edition of Homer’s Odyssey
by Steve Reece
Pdf_iconMatija Murko, Wilhelm Radloff, and Oral Epic Studies
by Aaron Phillip Tate
Pdf_icon“A Swarm in July”: Beekeeping Perspectives on the Old English Wið Ymbe Charm
by Lori Ann Garner, Kayla M. Miller
Pdf_iconCicero the Homerist
by Carolyn Higbie
Pdf_iconToward a Ritual Poetics: Dream of the Rood as a Case Study
by Heather Maring
Pdf_iconOral Tradition and Sappho
by R. Scott Garner
Pdf_iconVariation within Limits: An Evolutionary Approach to the Structure and Dynamics of the Multiform
by Michael D. C. Drout
Pdf_iconLeslie Marmon Silko and Simon J. Ortiz: Pathways to the Tradition
by Dave Henderson
Pdf_icon“Stricken to Silence”: Authoritative Response, Homeric Irony, and the Peril of a Missed Language Cue
by Andrew E. Porter
Pdf_iconVernacular Phrasal Display: Towards the Definition of a Form
by Adam Brooke Davis
Pdf_iconThe Role of Memory in the Tradition Represented by the Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles
by Raymond F. Person, Jr.
Pdf_iconMemory on Canvas: Commedia dell’Arte as a Model for Homeric Performance
by Timothy W. Boyd
Pdf_iconChanging Traditions and Village Development in Kalotaszentkirály
by Wayne Kraft
Pdf_iconIntentionally Adrift: What The Pathways Project Can Teach Us About Teaching and Learning
by Bonnie D. Irwin
Pdf_iconSean-nós i gConamara / Sean-nós in Connemara: Digital Media and Oral Tradition in the West of Ireland
by Holly Hobbs
Pdf_iconThe Metonym: Rhetoric and Oral Tradition at the Crossroads
by Catherine Quick
Pdf_iconHeroic Register, Oral Tradition, and the Alliterative Morte Arthure
by Rebecca Richardson Mouser
Pdf_iconPrisons, Performance Arena, and Occupational Humor
by Claire Schmidt
Pdf_iconBeowulf’s Singers of Tales as Hyperlinks
by Peter Ramey
Pdf_iconRethinking Individual Authorship: Robert Burns, Oral Tradition, and the Twenty-First Century
by Ruth Knezevich
Pdf_icon“A Misnomer of Sizeable Proportions”: SMS and Oral Tradition
by Sarah Zurhellen
Pdf_iconThe Old English Verse Line in Translation: Steps Toward a New Theory of Page Presentation
by Derek Updegraff
Pdf_iconCommunication Then and Now
by Bruce E. Shields
Pdf_iconRemix: Pathways of the Mind
by Morgan E. Grey
Pdf_iconA Personal Appreciation: How John Miles Foley Laid the Foundation for My Life in an Ashram
by Ward Parks
Pdf_iconAnnotated Bibliography of Works by John Miles Foley
by R. Scott Garner

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