John Miles Foley, Founding Editor

Oral Tradition Volume 6, Number 1January 1991

Table of Contents

Serial Defamation in Two Medieval Tales: The Icelandic Oelkofra Thattir and the Irish Scela Mucce Meic Datho
by William Sayers
Compound Diction and Traditional Style in Beowulf and Genesis A
by Jeffrey Alan Mazo
The Evolution of an Oral Tradition: Race-Calling in Canterbury, New Zealand
by Koenraad Kuiper
Folk Traditions in Serbo-Croatian Literary Culture
by Svetozar Koljević
Tradition, But What Tradition and For Whom?
by Ruth Finnegan
Phemius’ Last Stand: The Impact of Occasion on Tradition in the Odyssey
by Carol Dougherty
There’s Nothing Natural About Natural Conversation: A Look at Dialogue in Fiction and Drama
by Ryan Bishop

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