John Miles Foley, Founding Editor
Serbo-Croatian Oral Tradition

Oral Tradition Volume 6, Number 2-3May 1991

Table of Contents

Macedonian Folk Poetry, Principally Lyric
by Tome Sazdov
The Legend of Kosovo
by Jelka Ređep
Continuity and Change in Folk Prose Narrative
by Nada Milošević-Ɖorđević
Special Serbo-Croatian Issue Introduction
by John S. Miletich
The Folk Ballad in Slovenia
by Zmaga Kumer
Notes on the Poetics of Serbo-Croatian Folk Lyric
by Hatidža Krnjević
Concluding Formulas of Audience Address in Serbo-Croatian Oral Epic
by Marija Kleut
The Montenegrin Oral Epic in a New Perspective
by Novak Kilibarda
Bugaršćice: A Unique Type of Archaic Oral Poetry
by Josip Kekez
Enjambement as a Criterion for Orality in Homeric and South Slavic Epic Poetry
by Zdeslav Dukat
The Geographic Extent and Chronological Coordinates of South Slavic Moslem Oral Epic
by Ɖenana Buturović
Yugoslav Oral Lyric, Primarily in Serbo-Croatian
by Vladimir Bovan
Balladic Forms of the Bugarštica and Epic Songs
by Maja Bošković-Stulli

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